Breaking Functional Silos

From Software Development to Surgery

Photo by Bilal O.

Software development silos

Working against the shared goal

Silos in surgery

Silos in surgery

The “Silo Effect”

Reducing the silo effect

1. Create communication channels

  • There are space design examples, like that of a hospital that created a joint lounge area for neurological and cardiac intervention specialties, which resulted in synergies that could not have been achieved otherwise.
  • Providing opportunities for professionals from different groups to meet is also a good way to move information around. Multidisciplinary conferences and HRO (High Reliability Organization) meetings force representatives of different groups to mix and share knowledge.
  • Technology is increasingly harnessed to eliminate silos, with collaboration platforms that make cross-functional communication smoother, and help share collected data between groups.

2. Define goals that promote collaboration

Top down or bottom up?



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