Investing in the future of care teams

I have recently said goodbye to my friends at Quali to start a new company (thank you Qualians for your incredible support! I miss you all).

After almost 15 years in automation, agile and Devops, I return to my original field of biomedical engineering. I hope to apply what I’ve learned in software to healthcare, improve care teams’ lives, and show that this can also move the patient outcome needle.

Sharing a home with a doctor helps you understand that healthcare transformation isn’t just about patient-experience. Unlike patient experience (virtual-care, more modalities, better access), care-team experience is rarely in the spotlight. But I’m convinced that it’s as important.

The landscape of companies that address different aspects of healthcare transformation is expanding. It indicates that healthcare transformation should be patient-centric rather than patient-focused. Olive, a company that helps automate repetitive healthcare administrative tasks with robotic process automation and AI, is a great example for innovation and transformation that indirectly affect patients by introducing ecosystem efficiencies. They raised $225M in December 2020. Navina helps primary care physicians take better care of patients through intuitive patient portraits that replace the chaotic data doctors need to deal with otherwise. They raised a seed round of $7M in October 2020. There are numerous use-cases for automation, agility and continuous improvement in healthcare that are not directly about the patient, but help improve patient outcomes and lower care costs. I believe that this is just the beginning.

I have partnered with Roee (5th year neurosurgery resident at NYU Langone and life partner) and Assaf (who brings brilliant product passion, critical B2C experience, and has his own doctor at home) to improve surgical team experience, collaboration and communication. We are confident that investment in care-teams can have a radical impact on the quality of care.

Much like the digital transformation I know from other industries, a care-team digital transformation is about people and culture more than it is about technology. It’s up to the teams to lead this culture change, to demand better experience. Technology can only be an enabler.

In the past weeks I have met (sadly mostly not f2f 🙂) with amazing surgeons and surgical teams. I was thrilled to hear them describe similar challenges, and super-thrilled by their willingness to partner with us, provide feedback and guidance, and take part in shaping a technology that is built with and for them. I can’t wait to see where this collaboration can take us.

Happy 2021 🥂

Co-founder and CEO @Chiefyteam @MayaBerLerner |