My Hospital Got an “A”, Can It Get Better?

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Grading hospitals, just like restaurants

In the powerful 2019 documentary “To Err is Human”, Leah binder, the president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group, talks about her vision of hospitals putting their safety letter grade in their front window, like restaurants in New York City. Would you step into a restaurant that has an “F” on its window?


Understanding the Leapfrog rating

The rating for a hospital shows the hospital’s score based on a set of outcome and process measures.

Outcome measures. MRSA infection is 0.000 at best performing hospitals (

50% of the process measures are about communication.

The connection between communication, quality and safety is an important one. Numerous studies have shown that communication is pivotal to patient safety.

How to improve and measure communication?

Some communication measures are based on patients’ assessment: how their doctors and nurses communicated with them, the responsiveness of the hospital staff, the information they received about medicines and discharge. Given a large number of patient reviews, you can get a picture of the state of a hospital.

The “Staff work together to prevent errors” measure (

The future of patient safety is outstanding communication

The best performing hospitals will raise the bar and create higher standards when it comes to care-team communication and patient communication. The next generation of “A”s is game-changer-hospitals that figure out how to take communication to the next level, where it is more than surveys and protocols.



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